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The Difference Between Our Live Diamond Carts And Other Live
Resin Carts

Apr 27, 2023

There are many different products on the market today that can be confusing for anyone new to the use of cannabis for its many wellness benefits. It is our mission at dialed.® to provide high quality products that would like to find a simple product to match their wellness needs. We produce a unique branded product in the marketplace. Our live resin diamond cartridge selection is a one-of-a-kind vaping line that offers a superior quality vape experience and the best in wellness benefits. See below for detailed descriptions of our concentrate vape cartridges.

Live Resin Carts

Live resin is a specialized type of concentrate. Unlike other types of concentrate, it is made from freshly-harvested cannabis. The recently picked cannabis is flash frozen using an extremely fast process that does not damage the molecules and maintains the quality of the THCA. This process prevents the THCA from immediately converting to THC through exposure to light and heat.

The flash frozen plant material is then placed under pressure or compression, and specific high-quality solvents are introduced to draw the cannabinoids out of the plant. The live resin is then immediately placed into our cartridge tubes and packaged to maintain freshness.

Live Diamond Carts

dialed.® has perfected live resin diamond cartridge options. Diamonds are small structures of crystallized THCA that form in the live resin (also known as sauce). When you apply heat to the cartridge when vaping, the THCA crystals immediately turn into THC. The high potency of THCA converting into THC provides an experience that is like no other.

The Live Diamond Carts are produced with the same level of care and quality as you have come to expect from all of our products. Please see below if you would like more information.

Contact us for more information

To find out more about our dialed.® live diamond carts, reach out to the team. We are available through our online form to answer any of your questions.

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