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What Is the THCA Diamond Vape Cart And How To Use It | Dialed

Apr 13, 2023

At dialed.®, we focus on providing the very best cannabis products designed for functionality and offering patients the full range of wellness benefits. Partnering with only the top extraction and cultivation teams, we selectively source cultivars based on terpene and minor cannabinoid profiles. Rest assured; you can expect our products to provide a high-quality and consistent experience.

One of the options we offer is our THCA Live Diamond cartridge. Our Live Diamond cart is available in Columbus, Cleveland, and throughout the state of Ohio. Carefully crafted to provide specific effects. We understand that every patient has differing needs from their cannabis throughout the day. Categorizing our products based on the intended effect, our THCA Live Diamond Cartridge allows patients to CREATE, PLAY, or CHILL any time.

What is THCA?

THCA is more formally known as tetrahydrocannabinol acid. It is the precursor to the psychedelic cannabinoid THC, but unlike THC, THCA is non-psychoactive. In cannabis plants, THC forms when THCA is exposed to heat and light from the sun, so THCA levels are highest in young plants and plants that are not exposed to traditional heating and drying as part of the curing or extraction process.

The main benefit of the process is increased potency without added distillate AND separating the terpenes off from the cannabinoids during decarboxylation means that our terpenes are never heated during the production process - unlike other methods. It’s the True Live taste.

To Use

Our THCA Live vape cartridge is available in Columbus,OH, Cleveland, OH, and beyond at select dispensaries. All THCA Live diamond cart vapes are emissions and vapor-tested, offering an exceptional vaping experience from the first hit to the last. Simply attach the cart to any standard 510 thread battery, and enjoy.

To find out more about our THCA Live Diamond vape carts, reach out to the team using our contact form.

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