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What Is a Vape Battery and How Should I Use It?

For those new to vaping, understanding the different components of a vaping setup can be a bit overwhelming. At dialed.®, we offer a wide selection of vaping products, including premium vape carts and our revolutionary dialed.® vape pen. Let's take a closer look at vape batteries and how to use them effectively.

The High-Lighter Vape Battery

One of our popular options is the High-Lighter universal vape battery, which is discrete, fun, and compact. Resembling a highlighter pen, it comes in orange, green, and blue colors. This 510 vape battery features a cap that covers any standard 0.5ml or 1ml vape cart, keeping the mouthpiece clean and ready for use. Not only are these vape pen batteries stylish, but they also provide an auto-draw of 3.7v or 400 mAh, which is ideal for our pure live resin diamond cartridges. Additionally, they come with a micro-USB charging cord, allowing for easy charging from most smartphones and tablets.

Vape Pen Battery Basics

To ensure the longevity of your dialed.® vape pen battery, there are a few simple maintenance steps to keep in mind. Firstly, store the pen away from heat sources like direct sunlight or near registers and heaters in your home. It's crucial not to leave a vape pen battery in the car, especially during hot summer months. If you frequently use the pen, try not to let the battery drain completely, and avoid leaving it on the charger after it is fully charged.

Our dialed.® vape pen is currently available in a two-for-one sale, providing excellent value for your money. If you require any assistance with your order, please reach out to us online, and our team will be happy to help.

It is important cannabis consumers understand vape batteries and how to use them properly is essential for an optimal vaping experience. With our selection of high-quality vape pen batteries, such as the High-Lighter, you can enjoy a stylish and convenient vaping solution. Remember to follow the basic maintenance tips to keep your dialed.® vape pen battery in excellent condition.

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